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Arthur Rank Hospice

Posted by george March 15 2018

Yesterday, my sister Adelaide and I visited the Arthur Rank Hospice in Bottisham near Cambridge. I accompanied Adelaide who gave a short performance, ...

Teatros Del Canal

Posted by george March 12 2018

The concert at Teatros del Canal went really well, the audience were great and the hall itself is a great venue. The concert was part of the Scherzo S...

Performing at Teatros Del Canal in Madrid

Posted by george March 07 2018

Really excited to be performing at Teatros Del Canal in Madrid this Thursday. A big thank you to Federico Hernández at Harrison Parrott. Ticket...

Opera Gala for German AIDS Foundation

Posted by george March 06 2018

Had an amazing time on Saturday night attending the Opera Gala Festival for the German AIDS Foundation at the Rhein Opera in Dusseldorf. The evening w...

Musical Responses at Tate Modern

Posted by george January 03 2018

On the evening of 1st February there is a musical event happening at Tate Modern in London. This event is one of the 'Musical Responses' series and is...

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